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To be the Preferred Courier Company that All Entities depend on for On-Time, Safe and Reliable Deliveries for both Domestic and Global Shipments.


To be the Standard - for Domestic and Global Courier, Ensuring Integrity, while Encoding Confidence and Excellence In-to every Service Element, being Visionary in the way forward.


Forwardair is a Sri Lankan company, incorporated in Sri Lanka in 1982 and with the exceptional growth and the successful expansion of its co-area of activity; it was subsequently decided to diversify into other related and non-related fields retaining the inherent value of providing professional and customized services to its, numerous clientele, both local and international.

Forwardair has, to date, set up many ventures and, in addition to handling it’s co-area of business of logistics, it has diversified into other fields such as Airline GSAs, Manufacturing, IT, Training & Development and Power/Energy.

The Company consists of professionals who possess the know-how and vast experience in the logistics industry and in spheres of marketing and operations with offices well equipped with modern operational equipment together with state-of-the-art technology.

The Head Office of Forwardair is situated in Colombo, the business hub of Sri Lanka, and has its Branch Offices conveniently located within/in close proximity to Airport / Sea Port and also within the Free Trade Zones and Commercial highways.

In all our logistics endeavourers, our mission and aim has been “speed”, with on-time and direct methods used to ensure that we always stay ahead of the competition, with speed and accuracy.

The Forwardair Group has over Four Hundred & Seventy Five Employees, under its head count, employed in the current twelve diversified companies, which continues to expand.

Some of the Forwardair Group future ventures include Power and Energy, Apparel Sourcing ...Etc. The Group also has an extensive portfolio of assets that range from the most latest in design Car Carriers, Trucks, Prime Movers, Trailers, Bonded Warehouses (over 110, 000 sqft) and General Storage Warehouses including a Five Story Commercial Building in the heart of Colombo City.


FORWARDAIR AVIATION & ASIAN AVIATION – were incorporated in 2003 & 2005 respectively / and handled over 1.2 million kg during the last financial year. Currently above companies are agents for Cargolux (CSA), Egypt Air (GSA), Air Arabia (GSA).

Scanwell Logistics

SCANWELL LOGISTICS was established in 1981 with its Head Office based in Hong Kong while having 13 offices in North America & Canada, 18 offices in Asia, 14 offices in West Asia, 14 offices in China and a worldwide network of exclusive and non exclusive agents. Scanwell Logistics worldwide have handled over 40 million kg during the last financial year, while having a turnover of US$300 MIL. The Sri Lankan operations commenced in 1989, hiring over 235 professionals in the logistics industry.

Scanwell Customs Brokers

SCANWELL CUSTOMS BROKERS was incorporated in 1996, and carries out Brokerage for all types of general cargo both for Air and Ocean Imports with sub offices located in all key EPZ’s including the handling of Project cargo and Break bulk.Currently SCM employs over 80 staff members.

Scan Distribution Centre

SCAN DISTRIBUTION CENTRE was incorporated in 1999. The distribution center has over 110,000 SQFT of Bonded and Non-bonded warehouse space situated centrally between the commercial zones and handles Brokerage activities. Currently SDC employs over 70 staff members. Services provide Fleet management, Transportation Services, Distribution Services and Intentional Hub Services for Textile suppliers.

ForwardAir Logistics

FORWARDAIR LOGISTICS was incorporated in 2010. The company conducts transportation of empty containers to/from the port of Colombo to container yards and is successfully the leader in the container transport business. Currently the fleet consists of 35 Prime Movers, 48 Trailers including Skeleton, Flat bed, Low Bed Trailers and Car Carriers; Also having the necessary Lifting equipments and lashing gears for safe transport of Over-Dimensional cargo and independent on undertaking any type of heavy movement cargo. Sub office located at Hambantota (the new ocean port) and currently employing over 30 staff members and 135 reps on contract basis


FORWARDAIR COURIER was incorporated in 2003 and is a Sri Lankan based courier Company formed with pivotal emphasis on providing professionalized and customized solution to both local and international business. The Company consists of professionals who possess the know-how and vast experience in the courier industry and in spheres of marketing and operations with offices well equipped with modern operational equipment. The companies Branch Offices are conveniently located within/in close proximity to the Airport / Port and also in all Free Trade Zones.

Softword Systems

SOFTWORD SYSTEMS the IT solutions company was incorporated in 1994 to develop software solutions systems in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh while maintaining Network servers in Sri Lanka.

Revanalytics Solutions

REVANALYTICS SOLUTIONS is a joint venture among 03 Companies based in USA, Canada and Sri Lanka. Specializes in Research, Analysis and the Possessing of Information and Supplying Customer Specific Solutions to Financial Institutions including Banks, Airlines and the Insurance Industry.

Morex Lanka

MOREX LANKA was incorporated in 2001 and is a joint venture with Morex Petrochem of India, which is a leading manufacturer of Un-Saturated Polyester Resin (USPR). This is a pioneer venture in Sri Lanka and the plant manufacturing USPR for both local and Export consumption.

Other Companies


Mr. Andy Anderson

Mr. Nemantha Hatharasinghe

Mr. Giovanni Goonatilleke

Mr. Alwin Shu


Head Office

#67/1,Hudson Road,Colombo

Satelite Offices

Katunayake International Airport,Cargo Terminal 1

#19/12,Airport Road,Seeduwa

#19/A,Administration Complex,Lower Ground,Biyagama

#59 1/1,Udagama,Avissawella